WEF will meet again at United Church starting 17 Oct, 2012!

We got word yesterday that the United Church Hall is ready, so we will be meeting there next Wednesday Oct 17. We will have the same schedule starting at 5PM for next week, after we get settled we can start looking at the one on one sessions again. If you need directions, let me know, or check out the map on our website.

>As a fundraiser the United Church is planning a Harvest Supper on Sat Oct 27, although they haven’t asked us to play it would be nice if we attended the supper. I am sure they have lots of bills to pay. [cancelled] A link to the Andover-Kincardine Pastoral Charge website

Also St Marys Church is having a Harvest Supper on Sunday Oct 28 so if your belt line will stand it we should attend that one as well. We want to let those folks know how much we appreciate the use of their hall over the last six months. I am sure with so many organizations useing their hall, they have no doubt had to cancel some of their own activities. A link to St. Mary of the Angels website

We will have a Thank You card next Wednesday for everyone to sign.