Fiddles for sale

Hi Folks
Got a call from George Francis and he has a couple of fiddles for sale. He got them a few years ago for his grand daughter to take lessons but she dropped out so he would like to sell them. He didn’t know the sizes and I don’t remember, but I think at least one of them was 3/4.
His number is 273-6903.

Doc White Fiddle for sale

Hi friends – perhaps we have met. I was a Kansas boy, relocated to Maine several years ago. I attended the Wednesday night gathering a time or two probably 8 years ago.

I was befriended to Doc (Lee) White around that time, and purchased a wonderful violin from him, I believe he noted it to be #48. His label inside indicates it was made in September of 1998, but no number 48 that I can see. It is of medium brown color, with beautiful maple sides and back. Very nice top. Still has Doc’s own bridge cut and an amazing tone. Still in pristine condition. Continue reading