2016 Closing Concert

11 June, 2016 at St. James United Church in Perth-Andover. Photos by Buffy Millard McLaughlin Performance videos are on our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/WednesdayEveningFiddlers/

Joe Farquhar’s history of the Fiddlers

The Fiddlers visit Joe in May of 2015.

The Fiddlers visit Joe in May of 2015.

Hi Folks

Today is a rather special day, Joe Farquhar, one of the founders of the Wednesday Evening Fiddlers turns 96 today [22 Sept. 2015]. Joe played with the group for many years and through his family, grand children and friends, supplied us with many new fiddlers. Joe also made and repaired fiddles for the group.

Joe is also a bit of a historian and has written a number of accounts of life and times around Victoria County NB. In 2001 he wrote some memories of the fiddlers, included below. It is interesting to go back and read this from time to time.

We wish Joe a very Happy Birthday.

The Wednesday Evening Fiddlers
Perth-Andover NB

In April 2001, Joseph Farquhar was asked to write down his memories of the beginnings of the Wednesday Evening Fiddlers.

The following notes were prepared by Joe. The group was not named until 1988, the first suggested name was the Victoria County Fiddlers, however some of the members did not like the idea so Shirley Gamblin suggested the Wednesday Evening Fiddlers and that stuck.

The Wednesday Evening Fiddlers – by Joseph Farquhar.

The following is a brief history of how the fiddle band got started in a small NB town and covers a time period from 1986-87 to date.

To name people involved is fairly easy, when something took place is a little harder. This is not to relate the many little side effects of a personal nature; also if there are any errors I would be glad to see them corrected.

During the Fall & Winter season of 1986-87, it happened that 4 people, Cameron Bishop, his wife Dawn, Ed Love and Murray Grant began meeting at the music room at SVHS (Southern Victoria High School). They used the room on Wednesday evenings to have jam sessions from 7 to 9 PM. Cameron played banjo and fiddle. Dawn, a good piano player also read music, Ed Love and Murray Grant played guitars. Continue reading

You’re invited to our Christmas Party, (tonight: 20 Dec, 2014!)

Hi Folks
We are getting ready for our Christmas party tonight, starting at 5:30, at the Legion in Perth-Andover and it looks like the weather is going to cooperate.
We will be there around 3 or 3:30 to set up and we will plan on supper as soon as everyone arrives, probably by 6 PM. Kitchen help is always welcome as well as help at the door. We also have to set up tables so if anyone wants to help they would be most welcome.
Dress for the party is casual, as some folks have Christmas attire they like to wear. Be sure to bring your instruments, shoes and music, we are looking forward to great evening.
We are told that Santa may drop in during the evening as well.
Everyone is welcome!


Sorry, I previously emailed last year’s poster.

We’re starting our Fall session


from last Spring’s concert.

Hi Folks
We are starting to gather up things for our fall session, our plan is to start on Wednesday Oct 1. Last year we worked with the beginners during the afternoon, then did slow fiddling from 6 to 7. If that seems alright with everyone we will try the same thing again this year. Let me know if you have other suggestions.
For those who attended last years sessions, come at the same time this year and we will adjust times to fit the various schedules.
If you know of anyone planning to start this fall, have them come on Oct 1 so we can get the groups and times established.
I would really like to build on the step dancing this year so if you are interested let me know. Some of our young folks could start teaching beginners. Even though you may not feel you can dance if you know some steps you can work with the beginners, you will learn by teaching.



Closing Concert photo gallery, 7 June, 2014